Welcome to the website of Nakatani Professional Engineer office in Japan.

About us

Our professional engineer office provides consulting services for technologies related to edible oils and fats.

Our principal, a professional engineer, has extensive experience in plant operations, production technology, R&D and intellectual property at a major Japanese edible oils and fats company, and has achieved great success. Based on his experience and skills, he has provided technical assistance to many clients and has been of great benefit to them.

Introduction of Professional Engineer

Representative of Nakatani Professional Engineer Office

Professional Engineer certified by the Japan Government

Akihiro Nakatani, PE. Jp


Technology related to edible oils and fats

Technical Fields of Consulting

  • Edible oils and fats production process technology

Design and construction of oil extraction and refining processes

Improvement of its production process and problem solving

Introduction of new technology

  • Technology development

Support for new technological themes

Development of new products

Problem solving for existing products

If you have a technical issue involving edible oils and fats, or need technical assistance with an unresolved technical problem, please access the contact information at the link below.